Sunset Cliffs, San Diego Engagement

It's funny how people say "the world doesn't stop because of this and that" trying to put less importance in some things; but it literally does stop for us. Taking a good or a bad photograph doesn't seem like a big responsibility. Nowadays good and bad pictures get lost in the media and the definition of photography has become so free, it almost turns into ordinary. 

For us, photography has turned into an extension of ourselves.
We're here to make you believe otherwise. We want you to stare a little bit longer and make you take a breath, make you feel something. Photographs can also become the extension of feelings and thoughts that banish within a second. One second there's something before our eyes and the next second the moment is gone. There's always suspended moments that will never ever repeat. We want you to know that regardless of thousands and thousands of images floating around, we're still here, doing our best for photography not getting lost into ordinary.


Los Ébano

We are a passionate-about-life couple on the trying to traduce it into photography. We constantly learn from each other, because we love our individuality and at the same time what we are together.
There's something magical about every couple that inspire us, and makes us give everything from ourselves into our work. We believe our photography reflects a human side full of honest and real emotions that only happen in real moments. We love couples with personalities that glow through photographs, with wild spirits and alive emotions. We take photographs, not just to photograph but to learn, from ourselves and people. To find soul in people's lives it is to find naked emotions. We believe in experiences that push you. The ones that inject energy and life into you. We care about how photographs will make you feel and what they will inspire you to remember. We care that behind our images stories exist, and couples with a strong conviction that what they have it's truly unique.