Guadalupe Valley Hills Engagement

Sometimes to see something amazing, it means to claw your way up to the hill with
the persistence of knowing what your going to see on top. Being on the top, it's a glory feeling, because your earth-line-view dissapears and because you exist in a place where you may not be again. It wasn't just a background for great photographs, it was a real moment with an authentic celebration of their engagement. There were some stops later, but to us that little spot in the world will be marked forever.



Los Ébano

We are a passionate-about-life couple on the trying to traduce it into photography. We constantly learn from each other, because we love our individuality and at the same time what we are together.
There's something magical about every couple that inspire us, and makes us give everything from ourselves into our work. We believe our photography reflects a human side full of honest and real emotions that only happen in real moments. We love couples with personalities that glow through photographs, with wild spirits and alive emotions. We take photographs, not just to photograph but to learn, from ourselves and people. To find soul in people's lives it is to find naked emotions. We believe in experiences that push you. The ones that inject energy and life into you. We care about how photographs will make you feel and what they will inspire you to remember. We care that behind our images stories exist, and couples with a strong conviction that what they have it's truly unique.