The “Photographer” states:

I.- To own an architecture degree and practice photography area, being properly registered at

the mexican tax administration system “Sistema de Administración Tributaria".


In addition to the above provisions, 
the following special conditions will apply:


C  O  N  D  I  T  I  O  N  S:

First - The client contracts the services of the photographer for the concept of photographic

coverage of the aforementioned events.
Second - The client contracts the services of the photographer and acknowledges the amount of

$1,800.00 US dollars for the aforementioned services.


Third - The client agrees on paying the full amount due and acknowledges that such payments

will be made via PayPal or by direct deposit to the bank account provided by the photographer.


Fourth - The photographer conveys that the final delivery of the services for which he was

contracted shall be received within 8 to 16 weeks after wedding day (business days). 
Deliveries may vary depending on season, nevertheless the client will be notified if any delays.


Fifth - The photographer conveys that in fortuitous event or force majeure in which it is impossible for
the photographer to provide photographic coverage, the client will be reimbursed. In case of cancellation of
the event, the deposit payment is not refundable. But nevertheless, an equivalent service to the subsequent
payments of deposit will remain at the client’s disposal under the photographer’s specifications.


Sixth - The client agrees that after the due date of the agreed installment payments, an extension

of no more than 15 days shall be provided; a penalty of 10% of the corresponding payment will be

invoiced on the day after the 15 day extension.


Seventh - The client agrees that “Los Ébano” is contracted as exclusive official photographer of

the event, to provide the services described in this contract. Under no circumstance shall another

photographer take official pictures of the event. Friends and family are encouraged to take

pictures as desired, as long as they do not interfere with the creative process.


Eight - The client agrees on the photographer executing the final decision for photographic

selection, color balance, and lighting choices, taking the following into consideration: 
A) Images will be taken under natural light, artificial light present on location, 
and additional light (flash) as required, 
B) The agreed minimum number of images (I Statement of this document). 


No original files or additional files to the final delivery will be provided. The photographer will

deliver the final product in JPG (High Resolution) format, in a storage device as required. 
The final product will be guaranteed; a copy of the final delivery will be backed up for one year.
Publication of the images on social media are permitted under non commercial use, as

long as they are posted unedited and providing the corresponding credits.


Copyright belongs to “Los Ébano”, in wich the client agrees to permit diffusion by Los Ébano at

social media and website. The client agrees to indemnify the photographer from any suit or legal

action. This includes action arising from violation of copyright laws during the event, as it is the

client’s responsibility to obtain copyright clearance. Likewise, it is agreed that it is the client’s

responsibility to obtain permission from all guests to be photographed. The client will be

responsible for all expenses and legal fees arising from this type of.

Ninth - The parties stipulate that in the execution of this agreement has been no error, fraud,
injury, violence or any other violation of consent, and therefore waive any action on this matter.



Aware the parties of the agreement and legal scope of this contract, 
this contract is signed in the city of Mexicali, Baja California, México on
Sunday, July 16th, 2017.




I have read the legal information and accept the conditions