LOS ÉBANO Destination Wedding Photographers
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This contract is an agreement between
Mariana Pérez-Seda and Josh Borden, hereafter known as “Client”, and
José Ojeda and Karla Pérez, representative of Los Ébano, hereafter known as “Photographer”.  
By signing this agreement, both parties agree to all terms set forth below. 
A signed copy of this agreement will be provided to the client. 



S  T  A T  E  M E  N T  S :
The “client” states:


I.- It is his/her will to hire the photographer’s services offered by “Los Ébano” Company,
through several activities for the “Client” to obtain:

A) Photographic coverage service wich consists in:

Event specifications:

• Coverage (10 hours approximate) •
• 350 Digital Photos (minimum), two photographers •
• Online Gallery with all High Resolution Digital Images •
• Photobook of 50 pages, 7x7” •
• Includes travel fees to Orange, CA •

The aforementioned events will take place on the dates, time and addresses below:

General Information

Wedding Date: April 21, 2018   
Venue: The Women's Club of Orange
City: Orange, CA

II.- Payments will be in the amount of $1,450.00 US dollars
The payments of the amount due shall be paid as follows:

A deposit of  $435.00 US dollars, equivalent to 30% of the total agreed amount,
is due within the next 48 hours of signing this document.

An intermediate payment of $725.00 US dollars, equivalent to 50% of the total agreed amount
is due by January 21, 2018.

One final payment of $290.00 US dollars, equivalent to 20% of the total agreed amount
is due by March 21, 2018.