T   H   E       L   O   V   E       A   N   D       T   H   E     J   O   U   R   N   E   Y





We are the sum of our parents; of every game we played when childs, of all the things that have made us cry, of every book we read, every place we wander, every song we listen to; we are the sum of all the little details, and the details we keep discovering. We keep evolving; moving like water. We are our thoughts. Our words. Our connection with people. We are made of infinite possibilities. We are a perfect design of struggles and triumphs. Of expectation when there is nothing to expect. Of judgement when there is nothing to say. But amongst all, we are made of love. Real, honest and caring love. A love that grows tear by tear, laugh by laugh, healing what we can't yet understand. A love that is beyond us. A love that holds you when you're ripped apart. That finds balance in chaos. An inexhaustible love of surrender and acceptance to our own journey.









W   E      A   R   E     J   O   S   É  +  K   A   R   L   A



We are exactly like tacos and salsa- there's just no sense in being apart.

We have been inseparables besties since University. The kind of besties that would always sit last in a classroom to chitchat, throw a telepathic look to the other one when the teacher would ask to make teams, and that would stay up reaaaally late to talk about life under the stars. Countless trips through México, years of living together, a Chihuahua and many dreams and goals shared later, we are fulfilled to say we are still a team- and best friends. The kind of team that never stops learning, craves to see the world and keep strong no matter what. The kind of friends that share breakfast and coffee every single morning, finish each other's sentences and squeeze in each other's arms because there's just no better place than that.

This is the only way we know love: human and real. As the gift that it is. 
Love inspires us and makes us pour ourselves into our work. It is our reason to share stories of the wanderers, the unstoppables, the atypicals, the ones with the wild spirits. 

We take photographs, because we simply want to celebrate life and love.






O   U   R       T   r   a   v   e   l      J   o   u   r   n   a   l



Let's team up and do some awesome photography




We are based in Baja Mexico / South CA. We are available to travel worldwide.

Find us in our email if not getting response in 24hrs. hola@losebano.com