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San Miguel de Allende is always a good idea. It is adventure, because you never know what you might discover right in the next corner to obsess about. It might be a little shop while having a walk through its cobblestone streets, or maybe the sunset while having a cocktail at an incredible rooftop. It surprises you. It blows your mind from so many details and colors. It’s almost perfect. It’s warm, creative and welcoming. It’s constrasting with humbleness and luxury, boldness and simplicity, colonial and contemporary.

This was the stage for Kristeen and Caspar’s fantastic wedding! They had guests from all over the world to experience the streets in San Miguel, and blend in at the amazing Hacienda Rioyos. It was so fun to see such personalities, and how they brought so much style to this english garden meets vintage mexican wedding.

Cheers to this wonderful celebration! 


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We are the sum of our parents; of every game we played when childs, of all the things that have made us cry, of every book we read, every place we wander, every song we listen to; we are the sum of all the little details, and the details we keep discovering. We keep evolving; moving like water. We are our thoughts. Our words. Our connection with people. We are made of infinite possibilities. We are a perfect design of struggles and triumphs. Of expectation when there is nothing to expect. Of judgement when there is nothing to say. But amongst all, we are made of love. Real, honest and caring love. A love that grows tear by tear, laugh by laugh, healing what we can’t yet understand. A love that is beyond us. A love that holds you when you’re ripped apart. That finds balance in chaos.
An inexhaustible love of surrender and acceptance to our own journey.



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From fun golf cart rides, beautiful greenery everywhere to intimate vows, a shiny sunset and a wood fire by the beach- this elopement was a yes yes all the way! They had their ceremony happening at the most perfect spot- a pool blending into the ocean. The table setting right in between the pool and the beach was a complete dream, so with just a party of seven (and the most cute flower girls you’ve ever seen!), this runaway couple had all the magic going on. 

Make sure you stick till the very end, as they had some rad fireworks lightning the sky!



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After trespassing properties, stealing them for a ride on their wedding day, sharing a couple of epic views and sunsets together and meeting all of their closest ones we get to say, this pair are two of the most amazing human beings we’ve ever met. They have wide open hearts- to new adventures, to cherish every present moment and to always care for all of those around. These same big hearts, that are just perfect for each other in every single way. 


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If Kim+Justin would’ve had mics throughout their wedding day, they would’ve dropped them pretty frequently. We will NEVER forget how excited we were to find out that they were getting married in the Heritage Museum. Our intuition told us that it was going to be a super stylish wedding, and indeed, we were blown away by the uniqueness, the details, and the pure energy of it! The color palette, that GLORIOUS dress, the perfect bouquet, that dreamy ceremony, and- you just can’t imagine all the fun, or most likely you can at the end of the post!


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You start getting older and realize, that sometimes you have to travel lighter through. There’s people you will have to let go in your life accepting that each need to grow in separate directions. You become more and more aware of who you are- your truth, your most authentic you, and then you cross paths with individuals with similar ideas; that share or want to share the same places as you in this world; that get excited for pretty much the same experiences; that also seek the kind of adventures that will make you feel alive. Suddenly, the adventures don’t seem so ridiculous anymore: they just become the most beautiful and crazy shared dreams. It’s insane how many lessons exist in this journey! - Well, we’re here to take them all with wide open arms. 

These are two of our favorite people in the world. It doesn’t matter how many times we’ve seen each other, how much we know of each other or if we share the same culture. What matters, is that they are truly authentic human beings that have hearts of gold and that we shared this amazing adventure together; this day right here, reflecting all the love and happiness that we know will be forever.