Garden Wedding at San Miguel de Allende, México

San Miguel de Allende is always a good idea. It is adventure, because you never know what you might discover right in the next corner to obsess about. It might be a little shop while having a walk through its cobblestone streets, or maybe the sunset while having a cocktail at an incredible rooftop. It surprises you. It blows your mind from so many details and colors. It’s almost perfect. It’s warm, creative and welcoming. It’s constrasting with humbleness and luxury, boldness and simplicity, colonial and contemporary.

This was the stage for Kristeen and Caspar’s fantastic wedding! They had guests from all over the world to experience the streets in San Miguel, and blend in at the amazing Hacienda Rioyos. It was so fun to see such personalities, and how they brought so much style to this english garden meets vintage mexican wedding.

Cheers to this wonderful celebration! 

Hacienda Rioyos / Penzi Weddings / Rosa Clara / Blossom and Bluebird / Hotel Nena




The Colony House, Los Angeles Wedding

This gorgeous couple had the most wonderful celebration. The minute we walked into the house you could feel everybody having the best time ever, and so it was until the very, very end of the day. They had warned us when we met, that it was going to be a wild day. It was kind of a wonderful wild day. There was so much energy and so much happiness in those two, it is inevitable not to hold that day close to our hearts. Every shot, every moment, was perfect.

More than just to photograph, we feel so grateful about celebrating with them and making us feel right at home.
Now, this only the beginning. Figure what’s coming next for these two, and we can't imagine only but an incredible adventure together. 

The Colony House / Twelve Springs / Chloe Cabrera Nario / Nancy Z Beauty / Rue De Seine Bridal / White Orchid Bridal / Styled by TC / Friar Tux Shop / Classics Flowers and Confections / Found Vintage / Elevated Pulse Productions
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Los Arcos, Puerto Vallarta Wedding

The moment started really silent, with them nervous and all excited about each other's presence. They were placed back to back. You could see Los Arcos right through the window and it’d just stopped raining. We were all panicking a few minutes away. We all took our time, and then the story about how they met began. It was hard to hold ourselves from this powerful - magical moment. 


Puerto Vallarta is such a meaningful place for us, since that’s where we did our first travel together. It keeps growing on us. Views can steal your breath away, and there are always new gem spots to find when you least expect it. We are so thrilled to have visited again for this lovely wedding which we hold close to our hearts.




Rancho L-86, Valle de Guadalupe Wedding

Throughout the way we find lack of confidence too. Sometimes are just not so good circumstances, sometimes it's just doubting for a moment. We are so fortunate that between blurry steps and awkward moments, we get to find such incredible people. These people not only "trust us their day" but believe in what we do, and for that we do what we do with all of our hearts. As we heard somewhere, "it's always gratefulness what makes us happy".

Thank you, Layla and JJ, because you put so much of you on your wedding. We had a blast this day! It is so easy to pin the things you see and like, that couples often forget to dare and do different stuff. The kind of stuff that inspires us, and reflects a unique wedding for such unique couple. 

The old Brick's Factory Rancho L-86 set an amazing backdrop for Layla and JJ's Wedding, mixing a contemporary and industrial feel to it, with the undoubtedly hint of Mexican warmness. Visually stunning, this wedding was about ethnicity in people, an intimate vibe, breathtaking spaces, endemic textures, and perfectly designed niches of light. Mexican Architect Alejandro D'Acosta's incredible work at Clos de Tres Cantos Winery, produced the most beautiful images along such powerful emotions. Emotions of grandeur and spiritual grow. 

Rancho L-86 / Clos de Tres Cantos / Casa Granados / BLANK Beauty Studio / Nylon Jazz / Fabeeam Producción Audiovisual





Guadalupe and Baja Coast Engagement

Sometimes we build walls that keeps us far away from peace.
Sometimes we deny happiness to ourselves. 
Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves we often forget we need to forgive ourselves more. Forgive ourselves when things won't go our way; when our plans collapse and nothing makes sense. We are stronger than we think. 

Our bodies, minds and souls need our own compassion too, because it is a way to be grateful by just being alive, and have a heart that can love; to accept that imperfections are what makes us unique. Our imperfections make perfect pieces of this big project that never really ends.




Villa del Paraíso, Rosarito Baja California.

"I didn't fall in love with you. I walked into love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do the things that we'd choose anyway.
And I'd choose you;
in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality,
I'd find you and I'd choose you".




Imperial Sand Dunes Engagement

Cristina and Raymond are two individuals that probably have spent too many past lives together - they are soulmates, and there's no doubt in that. They have the biggest hearts this world could have, and their love for each other reflects only but that. They are full committed to each other; devoted to make each other happy; enormously kind to each other. You can feel it. You can see it. Every. Single. Second. They're madly in love.

Whenever we think of this day, we can't stop but smile. Like a really big smile. Like a smile with your eyes closed. And then we laugh. And then we probably sigh.

Had the best day ever, and there's no way we could ever be more thankful of crossing roads with this perfect couple.