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Too much excitement to FINALLY be sharing one of our favorite weddings ever!!! Lisa + Sam are a couple with so much talent and heart into everything they do. They shoot the most insane photos on Instagram (you need to go and check them out! @lisadieder) and have the most epic style too sooo, as you can imagine: all of this was effortlessly translated into their wedding! It was a modern + cozy two-days dreamy celebration with big smiles everywhere, delicious mexican food, margaritas and spectacular sunsets. Hotel San Cristobal was the canvas for this stunning destination wedding in Mexico, and it couldn’t have been more perfect!

They told us it felt kind of funny to actually be the bride + groom and not be shooting, but as photographers, we understood how much they wanted to preserve every single second: all the laughs, the hugs, the light, the people — there they were, all the way from Nashville, from Australia, from all over, in the same place at the same time celebrating together. Lisa + Sam laughed, hugged and danced like there was no tomorrow (and we also shot like there was no tomorrow!). Our favorite moments were when they would just stop, hold each other up and breathe in that very present second framing real memories on their minds. It was so powerful to see them enjoy their day and completely trusting the way we would add up memories to this beautiful journey.

So much love with these two and such a dream that we got to be part of it!

Would love to know the behind the scenes of the planning + décor? This wedding got featured on Martha Stewart Weddings, so click in here and get all the details!


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This was such a fun crew in Riviera Maya! We literally toured ALL around this amazing resort and had so much fun shooting this gorgeous couple over some pretty rad spots. It was so bright, modern and beautiful, we just couldn’t stop getting inpired by it. From vows exchanged right on the beach in a very intimate ceremony, to having cocktails in a terrace during sunset with a spectular view and a little rain, this wedding was all about fun + sexy vibes. There couldn’t be a more perfect way to wrap this day up, than a big jump into the pool that we were so lucky to shoot before the security guard got there.

On the next day we did a special “just married” session that we will be blogging as well — keep tuned!


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We are the sum of our parents; of every game we played when childs, of all the things that have made us cry, of every book we read, every place we wander, every song we listen to; we are the sum of all the little details, and the details we keep discovering. We keep evolving; moving like water. We are our thoughts. Our words. Our connection with people. We are made of infinite possibilities. We are a perfect design of struggles and triumphs. Of expectation when there is nothing to expect. Of judgement when there is nothing to say. But amongst all, we are made of love. Real, honest and caring love. A love that grows tear by tear, laugh by laugh, healing what we can’t yet understand. A love that is beyond us. A love that holds you when you’re ripped apart. That finds balance in chaos.
An inexhaustible love of surrender and acceptance to our own journey.



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It was Shore’s birthday + they’re getting married in Tulum next year, so what a better way to celebrate than having their engagement session in Tulum! We walked around the jungle, and while having some warm-up beers had so much fun hearing stories about how the two of them met. Seriously, these two are not only the most wonderful human beings, but they are also SO perfect for each other and they knew it since day one. An all-nighter connecting with someone that feels like your best friend? Oh yes — that IS real love. Even today, we still do it (although pulling an all-nighter was a lot more easier 5 year ago) talking about life, trips, memories, goals, and just goofing around which definitely is the best part of it!

Celina + Shore are in the oysters bussiness, so food + drinks are something that they truly enjoy. Sunset hit, we took some frames by the beach and wraped the evening up with some killer cocktails in Arca (we still have dreams of that guava one!). We were so happy that the plan worked out to meet this beautiful couple in such magical place, and we are even more excited to meet them once again for their wedding next year!


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This was the first time we stepped into Hotel San Cristobal. As many of you may know- yes, we love white, and bright and clean and architectural, so this was pretty much a wedding heaven to us. Samera+David received us with the warmest hugs. These two could light up a sky with their smiles. They seemed gorgeous and sweet with all of their happiness. They seemed so authentic, we immediately knew this was going to be a weekend that would stay forever with us. When we asked David by the pineapple field how the two of them met, he only answered: "music".

A fascinating chorus rehearsed the night before framed the entrance. Vows were exchanged within a persian-mexican ceremony. You could feel the energy in the chapel. You could see emotional faces on everyone. You could hear the most beautiful lines by the officiants- Samera+David are so loved, and they love each other as authentically as they are.

 They surprised their family and friends by having a special reception at the Cannery, but of course, leading the way with music. Talented people all over, bohemian vibes and unexpected honey-licking songs- you could breathe and connect with people through music on this day.


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San Miguel de Allende is always a good idea. It is adventure, because you never know what you might discover right in the next corner to obsess about. It might be a little shop while having a walk through its cobblestone streets, or maybe the sunset while having a cocktail at an incredible rooftop. It surprises you. It blows your mind from so many details and colors. It’s almost perfect. It’s warm, creative and welcoming. It’s constrasting with humbleness and luxury, boldness and simplicity, colonial and contemporary.

This was the stage for Kristeen and Caspar’s fantastic wedding! They had guests from all over the world to experience the streets in San Miguel, and blend in at the amazing Hacienda Rioyos. It was so fun to see such personalities, and how they brought so much style to this english garden meets vintage mexican wedding.

Cheers to this wonderful celebration! 


Hacienda Rioyos / Penzi Weddings / Rosa Clara / Blossom and Bluebird / Hotel Nena


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If Kim+Justin would’ve had mics throughout their wedding day, they would’ve dropped them pretty frequently. We will NEVER forget how excited we were to find out that they were getting married in the Heritage Museum. Our intuition told us that it was going to be a super stylish wedding, and indeed, we were blown away by the uniqueness, the details, and the pure energy of it! The color palette, that GLORIOUS dress, the perfect bouquet, that dreamy ceremony, and- you just can’t imagine all the fun, or most likely you can at the end of the post!