Bangkok Thailand

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Bangkok was everything we ever hoped for. Beauty in the chaos. A beauty that lies among rawness. Traffic, history, culture, street food, strong smells, kindness, faith; we took it all in.

From the old temples in Ayutthaya, to the Grand Palace right in the heart of Bangkok; from the overwhelming Chinatown to a fun boat ride in the floating market; morning coffees, trains, tuk-tuks, monkeys, it was all such an adventure.

Cities are like art; sometimes not meant to be pretty or perfect, but meant to make you feel something. Covered by layers and layers of density; and in density, yes — you can find the unpleasant, but you can also find unexpected things + infinite possibilities. You can find truth. Like treasures. Like wisdom. Like mystery; ‘cause you don’t really know what’s going on behind the curtains. You can make a thousand stories in your head, trying to understand. To make a connection here and there. Everyone surviving in their own way, living under the same sky. 

We believe big cities give you the freedom to express who you really are.