Mina Tulum

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We used to think we so not were beach kind of people. Well, we still aren’t that much, but we are working our way to it (like it’s hard work or something!) So what’s a beach person anyway? Let’s just start again and say, we are free-spirited and Tulum completely stole our hearts! Riding our bikes- feeling the jungleness- embracing a warm day with some delicious matcha & coconut ice-cream from Matcha Mama- Tulum is all about nature and creativity. You will find the most trending places you’ve ever dreamed of, the most heavenly natural food and the most beautiful palm trees you’ve ever seen. A few stops: Raw Love for acai bowls & smoothies, Mina Tulum for dinner, Casa Jaguar for shopping and cocktails. Do you have any recommendations or stories you want to share? Get in touch and let us know! We would love to hear from you :)