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Samera+David’s Todos Santos Hotel San Cristobal Wedding

This was the first time we stepped into Hotel San Cristobal. As many of you may know- yes, we love white, and bright and clean and architectural, so this was pretty much a wedding heaven to us. Samera+David received us with the warmest hugs. These two could light up a sky with their smiles. They seemed gorgeous and sweet with all of their happiness. They seemed so authentic, we immediately knew this was going to be a weekend that would stay forever with us. When we asked David by the pineapple field how the two of them met, he only answered: "music".

A fascinating chorus rehearsed the night before framed the entrance. Vows were exchanged within a persian-mexican ceremony. You could feel the energy in the chapel. You could see emotional faces on everyone. You could hear the most beautiful lines by the officiants- Samera+David are so loved, and they love each other as authentically as they are.

 They surprised their family and friends by having a special reception at the Cannery, but of course, leading the way with music. Talented people all over, bohemian vibes and unexpected honey-licking songs- you could breathe and connect with people through music on this day.


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From fun golf cart rides, beautiful greenery everywhere to intimate vows, a shiny sunset and a wood fire by the beach- this elopement was a yes yes all the way! They had their ceremony happening at the most perfect spot- a pool blending into the ocean. The table setting right in between the pool and the beach was a complete dream, so with just a party of seven (and the most cute flower girls you’ve ever seen!), this runaway couple had all the magic going on. 

Make sure you stick till the very end, as they had some rad fireworks lightning the sky!